Tallin-ted Finn Suominen Has Slow Start

Keimo Suominen has amassed six figures of tournament results on The Hendon Mob, which must make him proud, though he’ll perhaps have fondest memories of his trip to Tallin last year where he walked off with the title and €50,000 to boot.

He’s a few shekels down from his starting stack at the moment however. We just saw him raise preflop to 1,000 – only to be called by four players – three of them in position.

The slightly wet-looking board of Tc 8c 2s saw Suominen lead out for 2,100  – Benjamin Bashforth the sole caller.

The Ks on the turn elicited a further bullet of 2,600 from Suominen although Bashforth now smashed the hammer down – pumping up the bet to a mighty 9,000. Suominen looked a bit confused – but wasn’t interested in continuing and threw away his hand to drop to around 28,000. Bashforth meanwhile has had a very positive start to the day – up to around 40,000 with the end of level 5 approaching. Good work sir!

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