Table of Doom Delivering

Stuffed to the brim full of poker talent, we expect the table of doom to give us a great deal of drama and entertainment as the day progresses.

They are not letting us down so far and already we’ve seen several interesting hands…

There was the sight of Andy Hills raising UTG to 500, only for an as-yet-unidentified-gentleman to make it 1,400 in the next seat. David Lappin now cold-called from the big blind and Hills made up the extra.

The board fell an interesting-looking Tc Jh Td – Lappin and Hills checking to the man in position who fired out 2,300. Lappin now check-raised to 6,000 and Hills ran for his namesake. The other player was less-easily dissuaded however and made the call – a huge pot brewing.

The turn card saw Lappin fire out a chunky 8,600 and this was enough of a show of strength to force a fold.

Lappin moves up to 48,500. Dara “Doke” O’Kearney nodded his head and smiled, almost like an old jedi gently approving of a charge’s lightsabre skills.

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