Suominen Sends Dudakov Off

A late position open to 2,500 from Keimo Suominen (blinds 500/1,000/1,000) saw small blind Dmitri Dudakov ship in his last 13,000 or so in a bid to get back in the running for an end-of-day stack worth riffling.  Suominen made the call with AsTd, racing Dudakov’s 2c2h.  Plain sailing for the micropair until the river – the board running out Jc7d3h3sAc – and Suominen claimed a scalp (his stack now 48,000).

Suominen is hunting a second trophy, having taken down MPNPT Tallinn in 2017 for €50,000 and multiple cashes since then (including 14th place in Bratislava the following year).

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