Suominen On The Rise

No fireworks as of yet for Keimo Suominen but the former MPNPT champ won’t be too displeased, given his stack is larger than the one he started with. Recently he picked up a few bonus chips, involved in a three way pot with [Kd Jh]… Sabin Filev and one other player the other combatants in the hand.

We joined the pot on the turn of an [Ah Jd Qs] [5c] board, all three checking it down, although there had evidently been some action previously as the pot was around 10,000.

The dangerous-looking [Td] hit the river and Keimo Suominen opened the action, firing out 5,500. The middle player called, though he was sandwiched between Filev and Suominen – never great in poker, and when Filev now raised and Suominen went all-in, he felt forced to lay his hand down.

Filev gave him a mischievous grin as he tabled[Ac Kc] for the nuts whilst Suominen simply showed down his own nut straight impassively, the two chopping the pot. That hand moved Suominen to around 35,000 and Filev to a little more.

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