Sultan-off As Riches Dissolve

We joined a critical hand being played out between Leonardo Fricchione & Viacheslav Sultanov on the turn of an Ad  Kc  2c  3c  with Sultanov leading out for 3,500 and Fricchione making a big shove for around 27k with what would transpire to be the nut straight – 4s  5s . Sultanov was deep in the tank, obviously suspicious as he took a relatively long time to make the call with Ah  Kd  for a suprisingly strong top two pair – in bad shape following a particularly unfortunate turn card.

Fricchione was a huge favourite to win the pot but still covered his eyes as the dealer laid out the river. He needn’t have worried – it was a brick and Sultanov’s tournament was over. Fricchione meanwhile re-stacked his relatively comfortable stack of 64,000.

“That was a bit lucky,” chuckled one of his tablemates.

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