Stropoli Wins MPNPT @ Battle of Malta!

The heads-up was relatively brief, the pair exchanging some pots before a huge, tournament-defining pot cropped up to end things decisively.

Stropoli raised to 2.6M with [5c][3c] from the button and Canevet looked down at pocket kings – making it 6.6M after a suitable pause. Stropolic rubbed his glasses…then called.

The flop fell [Jh][4c][3d] – Canevet led out for 5,400,000 and Stropoli called.

The turn was crucial – falling the [5d].

Canevet checked, Stropoli bet out 9M with his two pair, Canevet jammed for 27M and Stropoli snapped him with his two pair!

The [6s] on the river changed nothing and Stropoli immediately grabbed the two sword Battle of Malta and lifted aloft! As if destiny had struck!

Incredible performance and ending! A full recap will follow shortly but for now congratulations J Stropoli on taking down this record-breaking tournament!

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