Strong Finnish

Keimo Suominen hasn’t racked up nearly $250,000 in tournament winnings without having a few tricks up his sleeve and he’s going well as we approach the end of the day.

Most recently we saw him put pressure on Aristeides Mosconas, who had opened to 2,100 in early position, by putting in a strong three-bet to 7,100. Perhaps surprisingly, we saw Steinar Knutsen cold-call this on the button and the three players saw a board of Ac8s8c peel off.

Suominen took the first and, as it turned out, last action in the hand – his 11,500 c-bet enough to see both players scurry away from conflict, their hands instantly flying into the muck.

Suominen quickly absorbed his newly-arrived chips – moving to 75,000 with the end of the day rapidly approaching. Mosconas drops to 47,000 and Knutsen falls to 25,000 – their fortunes declining slightly in the wake of the Finn’s gain.

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