Stroem in a Teacup

Martin Mauthner and Ant Gokcek were involved in a preflop showdown when I arrived, Gokcek the player at risk.

Gokcek: Kh Th
Mauthner: Ts Td

Even before the first community card, tablemate Maria Stroemstad was calling for assortedly a king, some hearts, cards to a straight etc – basically anything that would favour Gokcek. Duly, the poker gods obliged:

Board: Jd Qh 4d As 2d

Mauthner wasn’t super happy about any of this. “Could you not do that if you’re not in the hand?” he asked Stroemstad – to be fair, it was a little, well, insensitive. “It’s not very nice.”

“I’m usually a very nice person,” Stroemstad explained, “I just really wanted him to win. And you enough chips left.”

Mauthner is at 56k after that; Gokcek doubled to 35k.

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