Straight for Sonigo

Patrick Sonigo must have made a small sacrifice to the poker gods during the dinner break, as he has just knocked out another player in the most unlikely of fashions.

Sonigo had bet out 6k on the Qs-6h-8d flop and his soon-to-be-hapless opponent flat-called; on the Ts turn Sonigo set his opponent in, and the opponent called again, this time for his tournament life.

Gentleman opponent (sadly bereft of his player ID card): Tc-6c for two pair
Sonigo: Ad-Jd for just air on the flop, and just a a gutshot on the turn

River: smack! 9h to make Sonigo’s straight

Sonigo’s gentleman opponent wasn’t very happy about it but there was nothing he could do; he wandered off, we suspect to the casino to buy in again. Sonigo meanwhile is up to 50k or so.

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