Steven van Zadelhoff comes 2nd at MPNPT @ Battle of Malta (€217,167)

It’s been a highly competent and impressive performance from the Dutchman. Up against a tough opponent in Serghei Lysii – he opened up several opportunities to take the trophy himself – having had Lysii all-in at least 4 times, possibly more.

Finally though, he succumbed to the Moldovan. The final hand saw Steven begin the hand with just 6BB – the stacks shallow and SVZ in desperate need to pick up chips. He made his move – jamming his final 18M with 7d 6c but Lysii had a hand he could call with and it was a terrible one for Steven – the dominating Kc 7h spelling Dutch disaster.

The board of 5c Ac Ks closed the door almost entirely on van Zadelhoff’s equity as Lysii hit a king and the Ts on the turn confirmed him as the victor. For completeness, the redundant Jd hit the river. So second place and €217,167 for SvZ after a brilliant show, BUT this means we have a winner of BoM…

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