Alex Scott (@AlexScott72o) has brought you all the previous blogs in this series to date. This is my first contribution to the blog, the first of many to come! – Jonathon Kelly, Poker Room Manager.

At the MPN we are constantly trying to improve our product and to make our offering the best it can be. We are constantly looking to optimize the games we offer to our customers’ players, whether that be changing the Fish Party maths to reduce effective rake or getting rid of the English only chat rule.

We made some changes to our SNG offering last year to great effect, but it’s time to go a couple of steps further and tighten up our offering. We need to make it as easy possible to understand and find what games are being offered (including the price), and make sure games are kicking off regularly so that players aren’t registering for a game which never starts.

We have already made some changes, and plan to make the next batch on the 14th of February. I’m writing this blog to give players the opportunity to comment and feedback on in advance.

So what have we done so far?

Removed Poorly-Performing SNGs

We have removed a chunk of unpopular SNGs that were clogging up the lobby. These games were so unpopular, that hardly anyone will notice they are gone! For example, some of the tournaments that have been removed are multi-table SNGs and some higher stakes non-Hold’em games.

Introduced a New Heads Up Format

We recently introduced a unique new HU format at the €0.11 level. It’s called “10 Minute Heads Up” and the concept is quite simple – blinds are 25-50 for 10 minutes, and if at the end of the 10 minute period there is no winner, both players are forced all in. Players start with 30 big blinds, and response times and the time bank are shorter than normal. The idea came from feedback from players who only had limited time to play but wanted to play with deeper stacks. In this format, you know it will last a max of 10 minutes and that you can play 30 blinds deep for the full 10 minutes.

As with everything, we would appreciate feedback from players on this, and if the new variant proves popular we’ll roll this out more widely.

What do we plan to do next?

Standardisation of Buy-ins

When we made changes to our offering last year, what we didn’t do was standardise the buy-ins. For example, if you want to play a SNG that has a buy in of around €10, you can choose a €10.40, €10.60, €10.80, or €11 depending on the speed and the number of players involved.

We plan to change all buy-ins to reflect all the standards we have for MTTs. In the example above, the buy-in will now be a flat €11. The breakdown between the amount to the prize pool and the fee (rake) of this will depend on the speed and size of the SNG, but the percentage fee charged will either remain the same or reduce slightly compared to now.

Our new buy-ins will be standardised to:


The above 16 choices replace nearly 70 different choices that we offered up until now, hopefully simplifying the offering and making it easier for players to understand. The breakdown of each buy-in will be clearly marked in the tournament description.

In the future, we will change the behaviour of our lobby to show the combined total price of a tournament, and allow any tickets which add up to this price to be used to buy in.

Remove all Full Ring SNGs

In perhaps the most controversial change, we are removing all Full Ring SNGs on the 14th of February.

This will mean we will only offer 6-Max and Heads Up, and in theory means that 6-Max SNGs will start much more quickly, and ensure a better player experience while de-cluttering our lobby. For lovers of full ring SNGs, this may sound like a drastic measure, but luckily there are almost no lovers of full ring anymore.

Feel free to leave your comments and feedback in the section below. Alex has previously written about why the MPN doesn’t speak directly to players, but we love to read your thoughts, so it’s important to comment here or connect with us on twitter(@thrillofpoker). All feedback is read by the team and although it’s not possible for us to personally respond to everyone, we do try our best. Thank you for helping to shape the future of the MPN!



  • We have removed some non performing SNGs.
  • We added a new format called “10 Minute Heads Up” at €0.11 to test.
  • On 14th February, we are planning on standardising all our SNG Buy-ins to match our MTT Buy-ins and removing all Full Ring SNG’s

Jonathon Kelly (@jonathonkelly) is Poker Room Manager at Microgaming, which operates the MPN and Indian Poker Network, and provides poker services to Adjarabet.

Any opinions contained in this blog are the personal views of the author only, and not of any other person or organisation.


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  • andrew says:

    What about DoN’s tournaments?They are the most popular format in the lobby,but they have a gigantic rake and hard beatable.

    • Hi Andrew, DoN’s will move to the new buy-in price points with rake remaining consistent to what it is now, for more reasoning on this please see Alex’s previous post on DoN’s. Thanks Jonathon

    • Andrew, following further discussion we have taken the decision to leave Double or Nothings as they are and they wont be moving to the new price points. Regards, Jonathon

  • Jari Koski says:

    One option with 9max sng would also be to remove them from higher stakes as they are never running. But leave games upto 20€. Games in 5€ and 10€ are still running somewhat. If it happens that those games start to run better you could then consider of adding higher limit game. Why to completely remove offering them?

    This is from player playing most sng games starting from 10€ or higher and adding games from 5€ when need of more tables.

    • Jari Koski says:

      Forgot to mention that I talked about turbo speed games. 9max super turbos are basically never running (at least in 5€+) so removing them will make significant improvement to your lobby while not cutting game offering from anyone.

  • Wojciech says:

    1. Are you going to keep “SNG Challenge” promotion on current rules just without full rings or will be there any changes ( like extension the sequence of tournaments from 10 to 12 or even 15) ?
    2. Are you going to keep rake on current level in Double Up ( Double or Nothing) SNG ? Would it be like for example 9.50 + 1.50 making flat €11 ?

    • HI Wojciech, I believe the promotion you are talking about is operator specific and not a network wide promotion, this means it will be up to the operator to adjust the promotion depending on how they see fit. For Double Up they will move to the new price points but the rake percentage will be consistent with the current rake price. Thanks Jonathon

    • Wojciech, following further discussion we have taken the decision to leave Double or Nothings as they are and they wont be moving to the new price points. Regards, Jonathon

  • boonusedorg says:

    Bring back 5max sng’s where top 3 get paid. I remember these times… a lot of players and a lot of fun. Removing the popular 5max sng’s was the worst decision MPN ever made.

  • Mary says:

    Hello! There were two sng HU tables available before. I mean there was a possibility to sit at two regular HU sng tables simultaneously. Now there’s only one available table and only when it’s full, another one opens. Can you return everything back? So that there is always two opened regular HU sng tables, two turbo HU sng tables and two superturbo tables..?

  • Phil says:

    Well, I´m not going to play against regs at SNG HU tables for sure! I can´t put volume with one slot only either. I think this changes are awful and I have noticed that some people are leaving the format. You better look at this before it too late. One slot is not enough!

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