Šnejberg's Cowboys Gunned Down (15th - 60,000 Kč, €2,400.00)

If the poker gods decide your day is done, there’s little you can do to defy them as Josef Šnejberg just discovered – falling foul of poker’s harshest cooler at a critical stage.

With a stack of around 520,000 Šnejberg opened to 40,000 and Alex Clarke counted out a three-bet to 110,000. Back to the Czech player, he counted his chips before committing himself with a four bet to 380,000. All-in from Clarke, snap-call from Šnejberg. Cards on their backs:

Clarke: AdAc

Šnejberg: KsKd

Ouch – that hurts. Šnejberg looked considerably less happy than this earlier photo…

The board ran out As3cTcTs7s – Šnejberg collecting his coat on the turn, already drawing dead.

Bad luck sir but well done for reaching this stage. Meanwhile Clarke has amassed a 1,350,000 stack and is looking increasingly dangerous with 14 players remaining…


60,000 Kč €2,400.00

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