Sneaky Siena in Possession of Half the Chips in Play

Alessandro Siena is just not letting up at all here. He raised three hands in a row and picked up all of them; on the fourth hand, it was Jacob Nielsen (hijack) who did the raising with Ac-7c and Siena (big blind) was the sole caller with Jc-Tc.

Both players checked the 9h Kh Kd flop; although Siena hit the Js turn, he checked that too, and Nielsen, who had not hit a thing, checked behind.

The 5d river changed nothing, but this time Siena bet out 125k. Nielsen thought about it for a while before deciding his ace-high was probably good and making the call. He soon discovered that he was wrong, and dropped to 1.2 million. Siena is now up to 4.2 million – actually half the chips in play.

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