Sneaky Set for Lohvinenko

The blinds have just risen to 100/200, but just before this Mykhailo Lohvinenko (pictured) took down a pot of around 30,000 (equivalent to a full starting stack) in a three-way pot vs. Giuliano Travella and Mats Elofsson.

Preflop, Lohvinenko raised under the gun to 400, called by Travella and then Elofsson.  On a 5c 4h 3c flop, Lohvinenko led out for 1,050, called by Travella.  The in-position Elofsson raised to 2,500.  Both his opponents called.  On the 3d turn, Lohvinenko checked, as did Travella.  Elofsson bet 4,000, called fairly quickly by Lohvinenko (Travella passed).  On the Kc river, Lohvinenko returned to leading out, this time for 6,500.  Elofsson snap-called, but mucked when he saw Lohvinenko’s 4s 4c for a flopped set that became a full house and got chunky value.

Lohvinenko: 50,000
Elofsson: 21,000


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