Snapshot from the Felt

There are a number of familiar faces lurking in the depths of the tables. We spied Jeff Kimber, whose poker CV has numerous high points smuggled away in its plethora of cashes, including snaring the 2007 World Heads-up Championship in Barcelona for 125k Euros. With over $1.5 million in live tournament cashes, Kimber has the experience to be a real threat if the poker gods cut him any slack.

Gary Clarke – Loves Chips

Then there’s the irrepressibly amiable Gary Clarke, whose friendly demeanour belies the sharp poker brain underneath. Forever flying around Europe, making friends and racking up cashes, Clarke is one smiling assassin his tablemates will want to handle with care.

Two players who played day 1A without success but are keen to turn their fortunes round on Day 1B are tour regular Phil Huxley, with his omni-present hat, and six figures in live tournament cashes and the smiley Jari Porkka, who told us he’s enjoying having recently become a father.

It’s great to see such a varied group battling it out for poker supremacy and we look forward to seeing their progress as the day unfolds.

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