Sluis' Chances Down the Dwayne

Chaofan Lei has just seen off rival Dwayne Sluis, in the process building a big stack that might end up being one of largest returning for Day 2.

The pair of them found a flop that suited both their interests, and fired all their chips into the middle. It became obvious why as they revealed their hole cards.

The board in question was 9s 5s 3c – Lei holding Qc Qs for a big overpair and Sluis holding As Ks for the nut flush draw and two overcards.

The board bricked out in the form of the 5d and the 2h – a fistpump from Lei showing his delight at scooping the bounty whilst Sluis was left to contemplate whether it was worth making a late rebuy to revive his fortunes from the grave.

Lei though is sitting very pretty with 155,000 to his name. The action is really fast and furious out there right now. More action to follow shortly!

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