With 69 players remaining and only 62 places paying out, the pace of play is markedly slowing. Gone are the halcyon days of, “Player is all in!” and, “Seat open!” echoing around the card room (we hope those good times will come again post-bubble) and instead we are seeing a lot of hands like this one:

Krisztian Arvai checked a Js 8c 8s flop and stared very intently at William Dorey, who bet 8.5k. Arvai called, and they then proceeded to check down the 2d turn and 9h river, before Arvai revealed A-5. Dorey flipped over A-K to win the pot and put him up to around 150k. Arvai is still doing just fine on 275k.

Slightly more exciting to watch was Stefan Vagner check-raising to 42k over an 18.5k bet from Adem Marjanovic on a 4d 8h Ts flop. Marjanovic called, but was faced with what was clearly a tough decision when Vagner bet out 88k, leaving himself just 70k behind, on the 2d flop. Marjanovic tanked up for a while but ultimately opted to fold, his stack now reduced to 230k. Vagner meanwhile is up to 300k.

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