Slim Pickings for Kramer

Kramer has seen his previously impregnable-looking chip lead dissolve over the last level. Most recently, Ben Middleton gave the German some problems, peeling from the big blind with Ks 5h when Kramer had raised the button preflop with Qs 7s. The board of Kh Jc Ts gave both players a “lil sumthin’ sumthin'” – top pair for Middleton and a straight draw for Kramer.

Middleton checked to Kramer, who took the aggressive route with his draw, firing out a continuation bet on the flop.

Middleton called.

The Jd on the turn saw Middleton check once more….and Kramer deciding to load a 2nd barrel into the chamber, 550,000 the bet on the turn.

Again Middleton called and when the brick 2h arrived, it was checked to Kramer, who shrugged and also checked, allowing Middleton to collect the pot as he showed down his two pair.

That hand left Kramer as the shortstack. Here’s the chip counts as they continue three-handed:

Andrius Chmieliauskas 6,865,000
Ben Middleton 4,575,000
Kilian Kramer 2,135,000

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