Slick Hills Finds Double

The final hasn’t gone well for Hills – but a slice of fortune may just turn his day around.

Holding [Ad][Kh] – Hills understandably shoved his 6M stack into the middle. 7 handed AK is a monster – but unlucky Hills found Erik Ostergaard lurking with [Ks][Kd]. Ostergaard acted unusually – going allin for his 10M stack – and then zipping his hoody up and trying his best to hermit shell himself away inside his hood and top. A small sliver of his face poked through behind sunglasses, hoodie and top.

Everyone else folded but a dramatic flop of [As Ah Qh][4s][Qc]  switched the equity tables – Hills fortunate to survive and double up to 14M whilst Ostergaard looked quietly annoyed as his stack drops to 10M…potentially a very key hand.

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