Sixes Do Not Bodea Well for Andersen

Rares-Aurelian Bodea limped in for 600 from early position, but to his immediate left Claus Andersen raised to 2,150. It folded over to Cihan Eren in the big blind, who made the call; Bodea called too and they went three-way to the flop.

Flop: 5h 3h Jd

The action checked around to Andersen, who continuation-bet 5,500. This was enough to deter Eren from pursuing the matterĀ any further, but Bodea wasn’t so easy to push off the hand. He thought about it for a moment, taking a little peek down at his hole cards, presumably in case they had magically changed into something different while the flop was being dealt. He paused for another moment or two, and then pushed his whole stack across the line, effectively setting Andersen in. Now it was Andersen’s turn in the tank; after a little while he made the call. It was a good call.

Andersen: Jh-Kd for a pair of jacks
Bodea: 6s-6h for a pair of sixes

But there were two cards yet to come…

Turn: 4c – uh-oh, Bodea was now holding an open-ended straight draw

River: 7d

Bang! Bodea’s straight came in, and Andersen was out of the running. He was still stacking his chips when I left, but it looked like Bodea was up to well over 100k after that.

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