Simpson the River Ripper

2013 Irish Open Winner Ian Simpson has some useful big game experience in the bank – perhaps explaining why he’s not shy about pulling the trigger if he senses an opportunity. Moments ago, he faced off against Walter Matura, raising to 6,500 preflop and calling Matura’s 15k 3-bet.

The board fell Ts 9d 5c – Simpson check-calling the 15,000 c-bet.

A potentially-dangerous Td arrived on the turn and the pair both checked.

Come the 4s on the river, Simpson tanked for some time before moving in for his remaining 85/90,000 chips.

Matura spent a bit of time mulling the decision over, but he wasn’t ready to take on this big bet and folded his hand.

Simpson didn’t show – but went about organising and reckoning his new chip stack – a much improved 135,000…

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