Simms Two

Grosvenor Qualifier James Simms just binked a double-up with a stroke of fortune. His move seemed pretty reasonable, Mihail Dragifv raising from early position, called in one spot, before Simms looked down at pocket nines and with 17.5BBs, he jammed.

Dragifv was the sole caller, the sandwiched other player laying down.

Bad news for Simms, his opponent tabled jacks and he was looking down the elimination barrel. Divine intervention was needed and it came…the board peeling [Qc 9s 5c][Ac][3h]. There was a small table thump of annoyance from Dragifv with Simms contrastingly happy to end the hand with above his starting stack at 32,000.

He tried to grab my pen and paper after the hand, not keen to share his fortune with the poker world. We were too quick though, and nipped back to report on what happened. No “Fake News” here…



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