Daniel Jacobsen finishes 2nd at MPNPT Malta (€26,000)

It’s all over!

These two have been battling for several hours, and finally a hand where both felt comfortable committing their chips preflop played out.

The hand in question saw Siena raise from the button to 200,000 with As Qs and Jacobsen fight back from the big blind with a 3-bet to 605,000 with Ah Tc.

Siena had a little think, then moved all-in, putting Jacobsen in a bit of a jam…

Eventually he decided that his hand had too much equity to fold and he called his final 1,700,000 off with the tournament title in the balance!

The board came 8d 5c 2h 8h 4c and Siena’s ace-queen high remained the best hand. He was the MPNPT Malta Champion!

Second place and €26,000 for Jacobsen was well-merited. He’s battled his way through this final table gamely with a shortstack and gave Siena more than a few scares heads up as he grinded his way close to parity.

However it was the peerless Alessandro Siena who is the man to take the plaudits for what has been an utterly dominant performance in the final to win the title and €35,000.

It’s been a wonderful tournament in the warm and beautiful setting of Malta. The people have been kind and welcoming, the nights long and fun and the experience unforgettable. Another leg of the MPN Poker Tour has played to a finish and we can’t wait for the next one.

That will take place in Manchester, UK July 20th -23rd. We hope to see you there or on future legs so you can forge your own special memories on the tour, and maybe return home a champion like Alessandro Siena.

We’ll have a wrap-up of the day coming shortly but for now thanks for following. We hope you’ve had as much fun as us! Take care and good luck poker fans. See you soon!


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