Siena Still Dominating

The other players are starting to challenge Aleesandro Siena’s dominance, but on the whole the Italian is maintaining his levels of aggression and he’s mostly getting away with his various moves without having to actually show his hand at any point.

Most recently Tuomas Kalvinmaki, buoyed by winning a modest pot from Adrian Huzevka, opened to 70k from the small blind with Ac-9d and Siena called in the big blind with the (unbeknownst to him) dominated Js-9h. Kalvinmaki totally failed to hit the Kd 2d 2c flop but bet out 75k anyway. Siena hadn’t hit it either but he had the power of position so made the call. The river was a similarly unhelpful 2h and this time Kalvinmaki checked, allowing Siena to stick in what might be interpreted as a suspiciously small 55k bet. It was enough to shake Kalvinmaki’s confidence, and he folded.

Another small but not insignificant pot for the chip daddy.

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