Siena Rises Again

Jacobsen’s renaissance has been frozen – temporarily at least.

First off Alessandro Siena made a big call to a river bet from Jacobsen with bottom pair, catching Jacobsen out bluffing with ace-high.

Then he continued to whittle the Dane down in a number of other pots to the point where Siena was back with an 8 million to just over 1.2 million chip lead.

Then, it was almost all over. Shove from Siena on the button with Kh Tc and Jacobsen made the call with Ac 3h – a virtual coinflip for the title!

The board of Ad Jd 6c 5d 2c favoured the younger and shorter-stacked player however and the heads-up battle was extended once more.

That leaves Siena with 6,900,000 and Jacobsen with 2,400,000…

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