Siena Bullies Table; Deividas Dodges Bullet

With his intimidating stack, Alessandrio Siena has a very strong position, both in sheer chip terms and in terms of the ICM pressure he can apply to the other stacks. It’s very hard for the other players – especially the medium stacks to play back at him with shorter stacks at the table.

He’s using these conditions to his advantage, raising frequently and picking up the blinds or taking it down post-flop with a c-bet in most situations.

A minute ago though, he turned down an opportunity to KO Deividas Kvaselis. Kvaselis had shoved for 265,000 – around ten big blinds and it was folded to Siena in the big blind, who had Ac Th.

He decided to fold however – lucky for Deividas, who would have been in very bad shape with Td Jd. Lucky escape…

Despite this, Alessandro’s general aggression has extended his chip lead. He is now over 3 million chips…

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