"Sick Game!"

Poker can truly test your mettle at times, iniquity just the turn of a card away.

Andreas Reichel was the latest man to see a huge pot disappear in somewhat unfortunate fashion.

The hand began with an innocuous open to 1,500 by Henry Rantonen. Reichel flat-called this open, only for the busy Murman Zach to spy a squeeze opportunity, making it 5,500.

Rantanen folded, but Reichel had other plans, quickly picking up a huge stack of 5,000 chips and pushing them over the line – enough to set Zach all-in (around 33,000 behind).

Zach eyed him up and down suspiciously, eventually deciding to call with Ah Qh.

It was not good.

Reichel tabled the dominating Ad Kd and with 71% equity was clearly in a strong position to win.

The board of Kh 5d Th however meant the pot was back in the balance – Zach having picked up some additional flush and straight outs and even one Royal Flush out. The turn was the Qs – relatively safe….but crucially, another Qd on the river saw Zach overtake his opponent at the last. A cruel way to lose a 75,000 pot.

“Sick game” observed Zach as he swept up the 75,000 chips and added them to his stack. “It was suited!” he said by way of jokey explanation.

Reichel meanwhile looked somewhat mentally crushed at losing that huge pot. He still has over 20,000 to spin back up however, if he can recover his poise after this brutal setback.

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