Showdown Pain for Maher

Ouch, Marko Maher just lost a pretty important pot to see a large chunk of his stack dissolve.

Holding the pretty-looking Kd Td, he raised it up to 100,000 and was called by Valasky (As 8d), MIddleton (J-9) and crucially Kramer was priced in to call from the big blind with his Qs 6h.

The board of Qd 7d 4s saw the action check to Maher, who bet out 225,000 with his flush draw – Kramer the sole caller with top pair.

The 3h on the turn was checked back before Maher unfortunately made some showdown value with the Th on the river.

Kramer bet out 475,000 – a nice value bet with his top pair no kicker – Maher called and then mucked when he saw his 2nd pair was no good.

That leaves the chip standings as follows as the players head into the end of level 26 break:

Kilian Kramer 3,740,000

Johannes Hubalek 2,651,000

Artur Yarovoy 1,915,000

Juraj Valasky 1,711,000

Ben Middleton 1,226,000

Marko Maher 1,040,000

Adem Marjanovic 739,000

Andrius Chmieliauskas – 732,000


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