Shortstack Magic

Normally in a tournament, everyone fears the big stacks with their power to bust those stacks with less girth.

However right now, the shortstacks are the ones calling the shots, having been embroiled in a sequence of preflop confrontations and winning six of these all-ins in a row to survive, double up and prolong the day’s poker.

Most recently we had Cieran Tighe(pictured) getting his second double-up off Yiannis Liperis, whose Ac Th couldn’t get the better of Tighe’s queens.

Cieran is now a chip force to be reckoned with – around one million chips to his name.

Brother Dan Tighe is faring less well though, his own bid to chip up quashed by Cody Wagner – who called Dan’s small blind shove in the big blind and showed down As 9c to TIghe’s Kd 6d. The Ah Qs 8c 4c 6h board had Tighe drawing dead by the turn and he was left with around 250,000 whilst Wagner had a little more breathing room following this coup with 650,000.

“It’s been a long day!” said Tighe with a wry smile on his face.

Time for one more double – Timothy Chung raise-called As 7d from the button when Andreas Olympios jammed from the big blind with deuces.

Once more it was the shortstack who prevailed – a board of bricks seeing Olympios up to 600,000 whilst Chung takes a hit – knocked back to around the same.

This could last forever!

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