Short Stai

Who needs kickers?

Anders Stai isn’t living up to his name as he has just left.  We joined him heads-up with Mikael Gronvik on a board of [8s 2h 2s] where he was about to pull the trigger on an ambitious bluff.

Gronvik checked and Stai fired 1,350. Call.

The [Ad] turn saw Gronvik check again, Stai betting 3,500 this time. Call.

The [Tc] on the river was checked once more and now Stai pushed all his chips over the line….around 18,000. Gronvik spent little time thinking about it, making a brave call with [As 3s] for top pair and a flopped flush draw that had bricked.

A regretful-looking Stai simply said “good call” as he turned up a triple-barrelled airball…[7c 9d]. He departed the table as a cheery Gronvik stacked his newly-acquired bounty up – his stack now sitting pretty at around 63,000. Good call sir. Fortune favours the brave!

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