Sevens Lucky for Linno

Mario Linno just recounted the hand that propelled him to the chip lead; it went like so:

Michelle Morland went all in for 6.2k and Linno called with pocket sevens. To his immediate left, Milan Milincic called with A-K, and across the table Abdelkrim Akib called as well with K-T.

Flop: 7-K-T

Hilarity ensued! Akib went all in with his two pair and Linno, now holding bottom set, promptly called all in. Milincic thought about it but folded his top-pair-top-kicker with just 10k left behind, and they went to showdown.

Both the turn and the river bricked out, and the pot went to Linno, more than doubling him up. The contents of Morland’s hand was lost in the excitement, but she couldn’t beat Linno’s lucky set of sevens and was gone; Milincic and the hapless Akib were left with around 10k apiece; and Linno is now right at the top of the chip counts on 180k.

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