Sergey Luchishin Out in 4th Place (€20,120)

Three players made it to the flop, and check out these hands!

Flop: Ad-4d-As

Keimo Sumonien (small blind): Qd-9d for a flush draw
Sergey Luchishin (big blind): 8d-10d for also a flush draw, albeit a smaller one
Davis Modans (button): Ac-6d for trips

A little something for everyone there. It checked around to Modans, who bet 250k. Suominen called, but Luchishin moved in and Modans stuck the lot in too. Suominen decided against his flush draw and folded, and the other two went heads up to a showdown.

The turn and river, were, respectively 8h and 6h – neither of which was a diamond. Modans filled up on the river for good measure and is at 7.7 million heading into the three-way. Luchishin is no longer in the running, but has just over 20,000 reasons to be pleased with his performance here in Tallinn this week.


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