Semenov Heroics are in Vain

Johannes Hubalek and Stanislav Semenov just played out a big pot.

We joined their table on the turn of a Kh 9h 8h 7d board, Hubalek counting out a big bet of 107,000 (over half his stack) which after some time Semenov called.

The 9s on the river saw Hubalek move instantly all-in for his final 94,000. This represented about 40% of Semenov’s stack so was a big decision for him.

Eventually, he called, a jubilant Hubalek victory slamming over his pocket kings for a full house. Semonov threw his cards down, possibly accidentally exposing Ah Jc for an ace-high call!

Brave, but as it turns out he was miles behind. Hubalek was all smiles and jokes as he collected the pot to move to 550,000. Semenov meanwhile wiped the metaphorical egg off his face as he dropped to 116,000.

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