Sarah Gains Strak-tion

Sarah Strak has had a positive start, picking up a juicy pot to give her stack an early boost.

She was three-way to a board of 2d-3c-4h and checked the action to her two opponents. The first bet 300, called by Zimka Rinalds, before Strak sprung her trap, check-raising to 750. Rinalds was the sole caller…

The turn was the 9s, changing little and Strak now bet out 1,200. Again RInalds called, after a short period of brow rubbing.

River: 7s. Another innocuous card and once more Strak bet out – a more chunky 2,100 this time.

Rinalds took a few moments to consider his action before finally making the call against Strak’s very strong line.

She turned over 5-6 for the nut straight and Rinalds pushed his cards over the line in defeat.

Strak up to 29,500. Nice work.

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