Sandsmark Flushed Out

Sigve Sandsmark just felt the icy hand of variance squeeze the life out of his tournament. Oskar Väli was the man who sealed his fate – the pair of them seeing an 8h 5h 3h board. A third player initiated the betting – leading for 15,000, called by Sandsmark, before Vali raised to 60,000.

The initial bettor folded, but Sandsmark now surprisingly went all-in for 145,000!

Vali made the call for 145,000, feeling priced in with the nut flush draw – Ah Jd – though he was up against 9h 7h – Sandsmark the favourite with his flopped flush. However, the board ran out Jd Jh, he spiked the heart he needed to win the pot at the very last,

The table oohhed in sympathy but Sandsmark’s day was done Väli meanwhile is flying high with 520,000 – up with the biggest stacks…

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