Salo Brought Low

Schnitzels all now disposed of, back to the tournament – and it appears that we are entering the phase of the day when echoes of “Seat open!” start to reverberate around the room with increasing frequency.

Most recently, we witnessed the demise of Paf Heart Poker qualifier Joni Salo. Faced with a Jd Jh 9d flop, Salo saw fit to get his last in with Q-9, but soon found his two pair trumped by Karl Rosengard’s pocket aces. The Jc on the turn made them both full houses but ultimately changed nothing, and the 2h river was purely academic. Salo hit the rail while Rosengard upped his stack to around 45k.

By the way, the loss of one’s entire stack need not result in actual elimination from the tournament – as I believe we’ve mentioned before, this tournament allows unlimited rebuys until the start of Day 2, including a fun option to surrender your stack if you’re not happy with it at the close of play tonight and buy in again for the full 25k starting stack tomorrow morning.

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