Saar & Sonigo Busto

Perilously short-stacked Anton Lyaskov pushed with Ah-Tc in the cutoff but smacked right into Kalle Saar’s Qc-Qd on the button, and failed to spike an ace on the 6h-Ks-7c-2s-4s board, sending him to the rail just a few spots before the money. Saar is up to over 300k.

Meanwhile across the room, Colin Guthrie had raised to 14k in the hijack only for Linda Sonigo to push for just 26.5k – little more than a min-reraise. In the small blind, Simon Marks flat-called with just 43k behind. Back to Guthrie, who thought about it for a moment before just flat-calling Sonigo’s push.

Marks and Guthrie checked down the Js-2h-Qd-2c-9c board and Marks turned over Ks-Qs for two pair. Sonigo made an angry noise and slammed down pocket eights – in her haste to depart from the table she very nearly fell over. Guthrie quietly mucked as Marks raked in the pot, putting him up to 125k. “She was a happy bunny, wasn’t she,” he remarked drily of Sonigo.

Forty-three players remain, of whom 41 will be getting paid.

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