Roman Loses Pot

The blinds are getting fairly chunky now, and pots can escalate in quicksmart fashion when two players commit to trying to win them.

We saw this principle in play moments ago. The hand started with Roman Aleksejuk opening from under-the-gun to 1,500 which was then called by Hakon Garberg in the highjack.

The flop fell As-Ts-8c, Aleksejuk quietly placed 2,000 over the line and Garbuk took a few moments to make the call.

The 8h on the turn saw Aleksejuk check…and Garbuk bet out 3,700. Aleksejuk looked him up and down, then quietly placed the chips over the line to call.

RIVER: 7c.

Aleksejuk checked once more and now Garbuk counted out a much chunkier 8,000 bet. Aleksejuk thought about this, then made the call. It was a good one with A-9 for top pair, weak kicker.

Garbuk could only table Kh Qh for king-high, having floated the flop and tried to take it away on turn and river. Gutsy play, but Aleksejuk sussed him out. Just like that a 34,000 pot was heading Aleksejuk’s way.

He rises to 45,000, Garbuk drops to 38,000. Both players look like they will be fun to watch if they can make it through the day.

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