Rising Starr

Eoin Starr is putting in a strong performance today and he’s just won another pot to consolidate his rise. The magnificently-named Oswin Ziegelbecker opened the action, making it 1,700 preflop – only for two players to make the call, before Starr also put in the additional chips.

The board of 8h 7c 4d saw Ziegelbecker lead out 2,600 – Starr the only caller…

The turn was the Qd which both players checked.

The Jc on the river saw Starr lead out for 6,500 – Ziegelbecker paused before throwing his hand away. Starr double-checked his cards, then mucked himself as he scooped in the pot to rise to 55,000.

Ziegelbecker meanwhile was knocked back to 18,000. “Did you bluff me?” he queried Starr, however his opponent was not feeling particularly conversational and he got no response…

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