Riise's Pieces Eaten

John Arne Riise just lost a chunk of his circa 58,000 stack, raising preflop to 3,000 – he picked up three callers.

The board fell [Ks 4h 9d] and it checked around. Come the [4d] turn, it checked to Riise in position who fired out 5,000 and Bordei Razvan was the sole caller after thinking for a few moments.

The [4c] on the river saw Razvan change the betting pattern – leading out for 14,000 and Riise made a quick call with Q-9 for a full house, only to be shown the surprisingly strong and decisively superior slow-played [Kc Kd] in Razvan’s hands.

He shrugged and handed over the chunk of his stack – down to 33,000 whilst Razvan is up to over 60,000…

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