Rice on an Early Unscheduled Break

Declan Rice came to Sunny Beach on a package he purchased online. He then won a satellite tournament held at Platinum Casino last night. It appears the second seat will be put to good use already as he was the first player ousted from the Day 1a field. Players can reenter an unlimited amount of times and we will definitely see Rice back in action.

The downfall took place over the course of two hands, however, most of his chips were lost in the first one. He was involved in a four-way pot with the board reading [Qx5x6x][6x] on the turn. Rice fired out for 3,500 and an opponent raised to 11,000. Two players got out of the way and Rice called.

Rice’s opponent jammed after the [4x] completed the board on the river. Rice’s stack was decimated after he called and turned over [AxAx] for two pair. His opponent turned over [8x7x] and doubled up with the river completing his straight.

Rice had a few chips left but lost them next hand after his [8x7x] wasn’t able to get their against [AxQx].

As Rice was walking away, he shared that in retrospect he should have jammed on the turn if he was going to call off on the river anyway. While it is never good to not make it past the first blind level, Rice was in good spirits. He hopes to put the Main Event ticket he won last night to good use with a better run on his second bullet.

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  • Knut Johansen says:

    Love it her, my frend Olav Andre Løvaas is playing today. Good luck too him. I am playing om Saturday and good luck too all.

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