Hi everyone,

Between today and 7th November we’ll be rolling out the next major release of the poker client, v43. This is *sniff* the last ever major release of our poker software.

Here are the features included in v43.1:

New Tournament Lobby

Click the new ‘Lobby’ button next to any tournament in the list to open that tournament’s lobby. The lobby contains exhaustive information about the tournament in question as well as your progress if you choose to register.

Each section has a different focus:

  • The top left section focuses on your standing in the tournament, compared to your opponents. The ‘Chip Stacks’ bar is the same as was released in v42 and can be seen at the table by clicking the ‘i’ button. Easter egg: Mouse over your chip stack to the left of your avatar, and you can see your current chip stack in big blinds, as well as your current chip equity (a straight calculation which is based on the percentage of chips you hold, multiplied by the prize pool).
  • The top centre section shows the prize structure of the tournament. Click the small arrow at the bottom right to expand this section and see more prizes.
  • The top right section has a big ‘Register’ button – click this to sign up for the tournament.
  • The middle left section shows the tournament’s progress, including the current running time, break information, and details of each level’s blind structure. Click the small arrow at the bottom right to see all of the levels.
  • The middle centre section is a list of all the players and tables in the tournament. Click ‘Players’ or ‘Tables’ in the list to switch between views. From the ‘Tables’ list, you can observe other tables in the tournament. Click ‘My Position’ to quickly jump to your position in the list.
  • The middle right section is a summary of registration – what registration state the tournament is currently in (Open, Late Registration, Closed etc) as well as the total number of entries, rebuys and add-ons made in tournament so far.
  • The bottom left section has a description of the tournament, which may contain useful information specific to the tournament in question.
  • The bottom right section shows your return on investment in the tournament. You can see at a glance how much money you have invested in the tournament, so you can easily stay in control of your spending. You can also see how much you have won, what your profit or loss is, and your ROI.

The Tournament Lobby can also be opened from the table menu.

Other Changes

  • The client supports the latest regulations from the Malta Gaming Authority.
  • There is a new ‘Prize Pool’ column in the tournament list.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Fish Party’ where in rare cases the ‘Table Removed’ dialog would appear incorrectly
  • Added a close button to the Fish Party slot so users can force-close it
  • Fixed an issue with deep linking
  • Fixed an issue where the tournament info panel would show the wrong position after you’d been eliminated from a tournament
  • Fixed an issue where the tournament info panel would not scale properly
  • Tweaks to the default size of casino games and the health check window
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

v43.3 – Released 4th November

  • Fixes an art issue

v43.3 – Released 11th November

  • Fixes an issue where the table would get stuck at 91% loaded
  • Fixes an issue with the ‘Registration’ flyover panel in the tournament lobby

v43.4 – Released 3rd February 2020

  • Update to the table launcher
  • Back-end work to support upcoming migrations

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