Hi everyone,

Between today and 12th September we’ll be rolling out the next major release of the poker client, v42. This release is focused on improving the tournament experience.

Here are the features included in v42.1:

New Tournament Info Panel

Click the ‘i’ symbol at any tournament table to open the new, improved tournament info panel. The panel contains key information that you need ‘at a glance’ while playing tournaments, including:

  1. The total prize pool of the tournament
  2. The number of places paid
  3. The next prize (especially useful if you’re on the bubble of a tournament)
  4. A new ‘Chip Stacks’ bar, containing:
    • The smallest stack
    • Your stack
    • The average (mean) stack
    • The median stack
    • The target stack – see below for info
    • The largest stack
  5. The number of players remaining, and total number of entrants
  6. The antes and blinds of the next level
  7. The time remaining until the next level
  8. The time until the next break
  9. Your total buy-ins to the tournament (including any rebuys and add-ons)

We’re the first online poker provider to include ‘Target Stack’ in our tournament information. Inspired by the book ‘Poker Satellite Strategy’ by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter, Target Stack is:

  • For satellite tournaments, what the average stack will be when the largest prize (e.g. the package or tournament prize) is awarded.
  • For all other tournaments, what the average stack will be when the first prize positions is reached.

Essentially, Target Stack is the approximate stack size you will need to cash in the tournament.

‘When we wrote the book, Dara and I realised that the first important concept players needed to be able to understand and calculate in game is the target stack. Most people know they don’t need to win all the chips in a satellite to win a seat, but not everybody knows how many they should be aiming for when the tournament starts. Well now thanks to MPN’s innovation they don’t need to calculate it themselves anymore, but they still need to buy the book to understand why it’s so important and how to adjust their targets based on the size and structure of the satellite.’

-Barry Carter, co-author of Poker Satellite Strategy

Those who have read the book can also tap on the ‘Target Stack’ to get their progress towards it – roughly equivalent to the ‘Chance of Cashing’ in the book.

This is just the beginning – the next major release, v43, will include a brand new tournament lobby with much more information.

New Tournament Status Filters

Its now possible to see all tournaments in the lobby, including tournaments which are not yet running or available for registration, and tournaments which have completed.

You can filter to include or exclude tournaments which are Registering, Upcoming, Completed or In Progress. You can also focus on ‘My Tournaments’ – which are tournaments you have played, registered for, or are currently playing in.


  • The list of tournaments now loads more quickly, and can be sorted much more quickly.
  • Each task within an achievement now has a progress bar.
  • [Mobile] Fixed an issue where password entry wasn’t working for password-protected tournaments.

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