Hi everyone,

Between now and 7th March we’ll be rolling out the next major release of the poker client, v40. This is a nice release with two of the top-requested features since the launch of the new client.

Here are the features included in v40:

Cloud-Based Opponent Notes

In addition to adding a colour code to opponents, you can now add a note. The note will appear when you move the mouse cursor over the player, or tap on the player on mobile.

Click on your opponent’s position at the table to make a note, see information about your opponent’s achievements, and set a colour code.

For those of you who have the classic download client installed, on first launch of v40, we will automatically import the notes you have previously taken on players. Notes (and colours) are now stored in the cloud and sync across all your devices, so notes that you make on desktop will be visible on mobile.

NB. For now, it’s not possible to take notes on mobile. But notes you’ve taken on desktop can be viewed on mobile devices. Notes are limited to 180 characters, and both notes and colour codes are lost if your opponent changes their alias.

Customisable Bet Slider

It is now possible to set custom increments for the bet slider.

Preflop, you can choose up to three different multiples of the big blind, in addition to ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ (all-in, or the pot size, depending on the game). Post flop, percentages of the pot can be specified.

Your bet slider configuration is stored in the cloud and syncs across your devices, so settings that you choose on desktop will also apply to mobile, and vice versa.

Tournament Break Advertisements

During tournament breaks, you will be offered the opportunity to jump into a quick Fish Party Sit & Go, the MPN’s unique Progressive Jackpot SNG.

Our version of the game has competitive rake (5% + 0.85% progressive contribution, regardless of stake) and the progressive jackpot grows with every game played. It’s the best version of Jackpot SNG concept in the business, hands down. Give it a shot, you might just love it.

Quick Access to Fish Party and Casino Games

We’ve reduced the amount of space taken up by casino icons at the table. Instead you can now click to slide out a panel with quick access to casino games and Fish Party Sit & Gos.

Achievements Improvements

The Achievements area of the poker client has been updated with a fresh look and feel, matching the user experience of the new client and better optimised for mobile and tablet devices. There are also new filter options and progress bars for each achievement.


  • You can move the bet slider using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • The length of tournament breaks has been increased to 6 minutes.
  • The tournament info panel (click ‘i’ on the table) now displays your current position in the tournament, as well as the players remaining, to make it easier to track your progress.
  • We’ve made back-end improvements to Casino in Poker, meaning that poker rooms are now able to offer new features:
    • Poker rooms can now choose to offer casino games in Sweden.
    • All poker rooms can now choose to offer casino games on mobile and tablet devices.
    • Many more casino games will be available in the poker client, including all of the latest content from Microgaming’s development studios.
    • For some poker rooms, you can now participate in more promotions (such as Free Spins promotions) offered by the poker room’s casino, without having to leave the poker client.
  • We fixed an issue where bet slider buttons were incorrectly disabled on mobile.
  • Significant reduction to the initial download size.
  • Significant reduction in the table’s CPU and GPU usage.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements. Further performance improvements will be released in v40.1 and onwards in the coming weeks.

Version 40.1 – Released 28th February

  • Last login time is now enabled for all markets.
  • It’s now possible to enable Stealth Mode from Fish Party tables.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the client not to update, even when an update was available.
  • Earlier detection of potential connectivity issues.
  • Visual improvements to the new Casino / Fish Party panel.
  • Fixed issues where opponent notes and colour tagging were not working in some circumstances.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 40.2 – Released 25th March

  • [Download] Significant improvements to performance and stability, and reduced CPU usage. In particular, this release includes a fix for an issue that could cause the action buttons to become unresponsive in low-bandwidth scenarios.
  • The client now has a ‘latency’ indicator, showing if you have a poor connection to our game servers. A ‘heartbeat’ icon will also appear at the table, in situations where you are experiencing poor connectivity.
  • In the UK market, you must now be logged in before you’ll see any game tiles. This is to ensure that you are over 18.
  • [Download] We’ve made it clearer that the software is downloading and installing a new update.
  • Player Notes and Colours are now enabled at Anonymous Tables.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 40.3 – Released 17th April

  • [Download] Significant improvements to the speed at which the table opens.
  • [Mobile] The bet slider now uses the top two configured values, instead of the top and bottom.
  • The bet slider now works on BB multiples at all times preflop (previously, it worked on multiples of the minimum bet).
  • In the UK market, you must now be age verified before you are able to play.
  • Minor fixes to the Fish Party adverts.
  • UI improvements for post-login dialogs.
  • Other minor bug fixes, security enhancements, and improvements.

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