General Improvements and Lobby

  • It is now possible to configure settings which affect the table, without having to open a table first. The settings are available in the main lobby menu.
  • We’ve improved some of the icons throughout the client to make them more intuitive.
  • We’ve resolved a memory leak, so the client now consumes less RAM and CPU. Multi-tablers using Windows will see a massive improvement in performance.
  • We will now prompt you to confirm if you try to quit the client while you are still active at tables.
  • The satellite filter now works for tournaments that award tickets as well as direct feeder satellites.
  • We have made significant improvements to late registration in tournaments. Players will now be seated faster during late registration, we will balance tables more often to ensure that no table plays at a disadvantage, and players who register in short succession will be less likely to be seated together. [This change will be released on 16th October, and also applies to the classic client].
  • The promo banner will disappear if the lobby is too small to accommodate it, either because you have a small display or you resized the lobby.
  • Clicking on the loyalty, bonus or ticket balance will now open the relevant page.
  • The client now supports iOS 12.

Table Improvements

  • Stealth Mode: Prefer a distraction-free poker experience? Then simply enable ‘Stealth Mode’ from the table menu. Stealth Mode switches to a plain background, and disables avatars, achievement badges, casino icons, notifications and the best hand display. Sounds are also disabled (although you can re-enable them if you wish).
  • We’ll automatically remember the position of your tables, so next time you play they will be in the same position you left them.
  • The aspect ratio of the table is now locked, and it is no longer possible to change the table window to an arbitrary size. We’ve also implemented a minimum size for the table window which is the same as it was in the classic download client.
  • We’ve significantly improved the legibility of the text on the table by making it larger and placing it on a contrasting background. The table should now be significantly easier to read, especially at small sizes.
  • We’ve made the dealer button larger and brighter, and added a yellow highlight to the player plaque, so you can instantly spot it even at smaller table sizes. We’ve also highlighted the small blind and big blind positions.
  • It is now possible to bet or raise by typing a number into the bet box and hitting the ‘Enter’ key. The bet box is highlighted automatically when the table is in focus.
  • It’s no longer possible to fold, if you can check.
  • Table Tiling is improved, especially on multi-monitor setups.
  • We’ll now prompt you to confirm before opening a new SNG with the ‘+1’ button.
  • Achievements notifications are now shown at the table.

Bug Fixes

  • We resolved an issue where certain older casino games would not launch on Mac. [This was released in v37.4]
  • When limped to in the big blind, we now use the same ‘Raise To’ behaviour as in all other situations.
  • Many other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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