Following the exit of Sandor Korodi in 19th place while we were busy typing away in the press room, a table has been broken and a redraw has taken place; there will be no further redraws in this tournament. Our two tables and their denizens look roughly thus at present:

Table 30

Seat Name Approximate Chip Count
1 Marek Tatar 800,000
2 Johannes Hubalek 150,000
3 Andrius Chmieliauskas 800,000
4 Krisztian Arvai 520,000
5 Kilian Kramer 1,200,000
6 Alexander Moser 390,000
7 Zdenko Slavic 275,000
8 Marko Maher 1,600,000
9 Keimo Suominen 400,000


Table 31

Seat Name Approximate Chip Count
1 Dani Brandsoy 450,000
2 Juraj Valasky 450,000
3 Ben Middleton 1,150,000
4 Tomasz Pajak 1,350,000
5 Adem Marjanovic 1,450,000
6 Artur Yarovoy 800,000
7 Arjan van den Berg 1,000,000
8 Josef Bartalos 600,000
9 Josef Gulas 300,000

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