Red Triangle Alert

Level 2 (75/150): time for our first all-in!  A pot of 2,200 had been built between button Manouchehr Zargaran (The Boss, as his cap proclaimed) and small blind Mark Whitney preflop, with the flop standing Kc 3d 4s.  Whitney led out for 800, raised to 3,000 by Zargaran.  After a quiet think, Whitney called.

The turn: 7h

Now Whitney checked, Zargaran bet 5,500 and faced the Red Triangle of Risk (also known as the all-in lammer) from Whitney.  Understandably, Zargaran went into the tank, as 25,000 (give or take) represents a chunk of big blinds.  With the board rainbow, he speculated, “Straight… AK is no good…?” before eventually folding.  During this internal struggle, and afterwards, Whitney refused to be drawn into a single word of information-giving chat.

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