Rebhan Takes Hit - Chip Counts

Flips are so important in tournament poker – if you don’t win them, you’ll struggle.

Sebastian Rebhan just fell afoul of the coinflip gauntlet. Seeing Jussi Mattila (pictured) shove for his 450,000 shortstack from the hijackĀ  – he was happy to take him on with As Qc – Kat Arnsby in the booth colourfully commenting “If he flats, that stinks like old men’s feet.”

Rebhan didn’t want to have that odour drifting off him so moved allin for his 1.3 million stack, successfully isolating the hand.

Mattila showed 4h 4c and the pair were racing – a race which Mattila won over the 5s 8h 3c 6s 9h board. Mattila back in the game, Rebhan knocked back into the danger zone stacks as the below chip counts show…

Name Chip Count
Alex Hendriks 3,700,000
Jiri Noga 2,100,000
Daniel Camus
Jussi Mattila 990,000
Sebastian Rebhan 865,000
Dominik Desset 725,000

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