Rebhan Jacks it in in 6th (€7,000)

Sebastian Rebhan has had an eventful day but it has reached its close. Following that hit to his stack, he looked down at Ac Td on the button – a big hand at this stage and moved all-in for 860,000.

His timing couldn’t have been worse as Daniel Camus found Js Jh in the small blind and re-shoved for 1,500,000. Hendriks almost became embroiled in a three-way tangle as he had a good hand himself – pocket eights – but he made a good lay down and Camus and Rebhan contended the pot heads-up.

Rebhan needed some help but the poker gods were not interested in providing it as the board fell 6c Qd Th 9d Qs to improve him, but insufficiently.

He goes in 6th for €7,000 and the game proceeds five-handed, Hendrix still the chip leader but with rising stack Camus snapping at his heels…

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