Read my shirt - Triple elimination for Ojaste

Congratulations to Remo Ojaste, who just recovered from a shortish stack to hold a much more respectable 40,000. The headline quote is taken directly from the back of his t-shirt – and it seems more a little apt following this memorable hand!

Holding pocket fours, he moved in preflop and was called in no less than three spots! He had all his opponents outchipped, but looked unlikely to win when they turned up Q-8, As Ah and Jh Js respectively.

However the combined might of Ronnia Pakkala (Qh 8d), Andros Ouaisilo (As Ah) and Kior Pihela (Jh Js) were crushed as a dominant flop of Kd 4c 3h appeared to give Ojaste a big edge. It got even better on the turn, the whole table laughing as the 4s appeared to leave all three opponents drawing dead.

A bubbling Ojaste looked pleased as punch as he delivered this triple whammy with quad fours.

“You have to be in the right place at the right time, I guess!” he giggled as he swept up the pot. Good times for Ojaste.

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